They say it’s you’re Birthday…Well it’s my Birthday too, yeah!

They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time!
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to ME!

It’s my birthday today, January 14th all day long,  and I had to follow Will and post a blog about how I got this far!

Hope you enjoy these! Some are a little embarrassing!!

Happy Birthday to me! First two pics of when I was born, third is THREE WEEKS old…with a TON of hair


Happy Easter with my sisters!


Some of my fav photos of me taken by my Auntie Grace and Uncle Randy at National Studio


Family photo circa 1988


Me giving my baby bro a bath <3


LITTLE FOOT!! One of my favorite presents


Taking some pics with a sweet perm! Me at age 6


Age 8 at my sister Heather’s wedding


Happy Halloween..oh man. I think I was a Vampire 3 years in a row. Check out my bff Jake! My newfie dog and brother Alex


Age 8 at the start of my Softball career


HELLO! We were awesome! We are the Champions, my friends!!


That there is the same stance Babe Ruth had…lol


State Championship in Appleton, WI in 1997


Senior Year Champions!! WOO..look who’s hogging the trophy…I also wen to Australia for softball but could not find any photos on my computer..WTH!!?


Bet you didn’t know I also had a mean forehand. Senior year I wore that bandana to every match…whoa!


This is how you get ready before a mad game of Powder Puff Football!


Some other skills other than sports, I was on yearbook and in drafting classes


Did I hear PROM QUEEN…?!…what WHAT 😉


I bet you couldn’t look any cooler in your Senior pic!!!!!


aand after High School, I played more Softball..


Me and my Daddio after we won the Championship! was reeally sunny out


(above above) always goofing around in the photo’s with my Mom <3


“Brother’s are forever and I’m so glad you’re mine!” wait..I think I just made that song up


Sisters Heather, Heidi, myself and my Mom at my babyshower


My other four brothers…


If you don’t know me, I’ve got a lifelong case of Beatlemania..they may as well be brother’s to me. I grew up with them and so are my children. They are like home to me


oh SNAP! My car after a truck struck me head on


“HEY MA! I’M OKAY!!” a photo message we sent to my Mom, courtesy of Will


Me and Beej…for all of you who just recently met us, you know this man as WILL….I’ve known him as if you hear me slip you know not to be freaked out hahah


what? who doesn’t dress as a robot while walking down the isles at The Home Depot??!


some may say this is our Engagement photo..



Look who just tied the knot!


Baby Liam just born!


Liam at 7 days old. Such a little lover!


whoa! we look so young


the birthday of Ava! The righthand above pic is when they refused me an epidural. I had to sign a paper saying “If they give me one and I die, it’s not their fault” Apparently my platelets were way too low..I took that chance!


Proud Grandpa Bill


Big ole Family of sisters and brothers and neices and nephews and Grandma and Grandpa


The Paro’s! Meet us


Just ended a chapter in my life. I was the little girl in the paper..the result of the chapter closing? A fresh tattoo reminding me to keep my head up…(translation in caption)




Always goofing off…It is very hard for me to be serious..especially in photos!


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Thank you all for being so awesome



  • Judy Levra - Oh Alyssa, this is just so very, very beautiful!
    Heartwarming and touching, a lovely wander down memory lane.

    And I VOTED, because your photographs DO ROCK!!ReplyCancel

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