Brand spanking new Blog

Louisville Wedding Photographer

Hello and welcome to the new Veritas Photography blog. Our old blog was a bit cramped, so we decided to stretch our legs with this new clean model. Took me a bit to design, create, and code it, but we are pretty happy with the outcome. A special thanks to Bill Hammond for his help.

Take a look around and let us know what you think. We’ve added some new sections for everyone. There is an awesome calendar that should keep everyone up to date, as well as a simple contact form. We also added an “about us” section so you can read a bit about us if you find yourself with nothing to do one day. Plus it’s about twice aw wide, so images can be displayed in all their glory.

We have imported the posts from the old blog for everyones convenience, but for anyone feeling nostalgic you can still find a link to old blog in the “links” section.

Just noticed that there were some image alignment issues with the import, I’ll look into that ASAP… or after coffee 🙂

The import from the Old Blog posts will remain the size they were when they were imported (425px wide).

Hope you enjoy the new look!


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