Michigan Wedding Photographer | Kim + Darrin

superior wedding

Kim and Darrin’s Wedding was absolutely beautiful. What made it so special, was nearly everything they had for decor was

DIY! From the flower and table arrangements to the arbor they were married under, everything was Handcrafted!!

They were married out at one of our favorite locations in Northern, Michigan: Little Girls Point, Lake Superior. Afterwards, their reception took place out at the Caribou Lodge on the breathtaking Big Powderhorn Mountain. We had so much fun running up that ginormous mountain and getting some great shots of the two newlyweds as the sun was setting.


wedding photo

Here is an image of Darrin and his Handmade Arbor. Thats right HE made it just for his bride.

The stars are from the DJ’s lazer show. They almost look photoshopped.

I thought I’d end on this image. As it turns out I was related to the groom’s side of the family. This young lady that I am standing next to is the groom’s grandmother. She is also my grandmothers sister. Small world huh? I later asked her to borrow $50, she refused.jk

Thanks for taking a look.


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