Indiana Wedding Photographer | Abby+Jimmy 9/10/11

New harmony indianaAbby + Jimmy got married in New Harmony, Indiana. An ABSOLUTELY gorgeous place to photograph! Their day had plenty of threats for rain, so Abby’s Mom hung rosaries in the trees! She told us this is a superstition on wedding days to ward off the rain. IT WORKED! Although, the stormy skies proved for some amazing light in these photographs!

Abby + Jimmy met while competitively water-skiing years ago! These two are some insanely talented skiers! Jimmy Went out skiing to ‘get ready’ before his big day! After their wedding, they let us photograph them in their suit and dress water-skiing!! The Schmitt family and the Tranchita family (and all of their friends) were some of the most amazing people we have ever met! So sincere, full of love and boy do they all know how to party! They made Will and I more than welcome, like they’ve known us for years! They even took ME water-skiing the next day! (I’ve never done that in my life! Later post to come with those pics….maybe 😉

Anyways, I could write all night about these guys but I know you’re all dying to see the pics!! We’ve been DYING to share these since we shot it!! ENJOY!!

I love how all the guys put on their finishing touches right out in the road…cardboard box and all 🙂

Gosh these guys were so awesome…and hilarious!

and the drop dead gorgeous gals!!

Jimmy + Abby both shared their First Look in Carol’s Garden

We took the wedding party over the the Antheneum


Down town New Harmony is purely a photographer’s dream <3 I came fully equipped with hand drawn notes for poses I wanted to do!! Lol

They had their ceremony at the Historic Roofless Church

Look at these proud parents!! I absolutely adore big Jimmy here!

Cousins! All these handsom fellas are cousins from around the Chicago area. I know firsthand how important family is, especially when spread across the US! 
Check out that cake topper!!! Instead of a guest book, they had everyone sign a pair of water-ski’s! The newlyweds held their reception at The Red Geranium, gorgeous venue!

We would normally call the day after session, and after bridal session….but we believe this in a category all in its own!

A huge thanks to the Schmitt + Tranchita families and friends who made this wedding day so special to the two of these awesome people! Each and every one of you made their day so special! Abby+Jimmy, we are hoping to come out there again to visit soon! New Harmony would make a great vacation place! What a fabulous time we had on one of the most important days of your lives! Thanks again

  • singlemama_cc - Ok…I hate weddings. The idea of marriage makes me throw up in my mouth a lil bit. However…..these pictures are absolutely fucking stunning. I actually kinda wanted to BE at the wedding….that’s never happened before. Your work is powerful 😉ReplyCancel

  • The Bride :-) - I can’t say it enough… you two are fabulous! Thanks again for everything!! I smile every time I look at the photos! (yes, this is about the 5th time I have looked at the blog)ReplyCancel

    • admin - You’re very welcome. We had a great time. We’re even thinking about taking a trip to New Harmony for our anniversary.ReplyCancel

  • Judy - OVER the top amazing!! Brilliantly done.
    Every photograph entrances.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Amazing pictures. You really captured Jim & Abby’s day in the most awesome way.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Hey, I these are amazing. I actually teared up when I saw the ‘First Look’ ones in the garden. Best wishes to the bride and groom!

  • Dianna & Glenn - What an amazing job! It was a super weekend from start to finish! We wish Jim & Abby a long happy life together.ReplyCancel

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