Chicago Wedding Photographer | Teresa+Cris get married in Chicago!

This Wedding goes on record for being the longest post and the longest it has ever taken me to edit! Teresa and Cris were married in Chicago, and were surrounded in utter love by family and friends. They had so much love, it was impossible not to feel it. I honestly felt as if I was apart of the family, instantly.

I don’t even know where to start in how to describe this day. There were surprises around EVERY corner the whole day! This wedding was filled with happiness, beauty, warmth, hearts full of love, heart ache and perfection! So, I will let you see for yourself as you watch their day unfold through photos. Enjoy!

Momma getting ready
This salon, Mario Tricoci, is Chicago’s best salon in town! It is incredible in here…the ambiance was so soothing and beautiful, and all the artists were genius!
Teresa’s Mom had a countdown made for MONTHS on this chalk board! Today is the big day!!!

What an absolute stunnerTheir neighbor was so adorable!!
We did a first look with daughter and father <3

Here we go guys!!
Best Man+Groom, brothers…these two had gone through so much in the past year together. Their father had just passed away…you’ll see more about this at the reception
They had a hugemongous bus for their entire bridal party!!
Cris, honest to are the happiest man we have ever infectious..we love you!
He’s just so genuine…you’ll never meet anyone like this guy!!
HELLO!!! my goodness

so.much.loveI can’t wait for these two to have babies!!! LOOK OUT!

FAV.PIC.EVAAAHTeresa saluted Cris’s late father and kept him close all day long
The venue was incredible…
At every table, they had a photo of where they had been around the world with each other….LOOK WHAT I FOUND! They had been to HURLEY, WI !!**^%#@R?!@@ OMG! How odd they had been to one of the most remote teeny towns in america that I call home?? We had just met these two the night before their wedding!!

Cris’s MOM! LOVE HER!!
Teresa’s parents! LOVE THEM!These two came out ready to dance!!

And the toasts begin!!In order to get Cris and Teresa to kiss, a wedding tradition during the meal, they had everyone sing a song that had the word “Love” in it!! The guys on the left spelled out the word LOVE with their bodies!

Here is where the water works start…Cris’s brother (best man) had a huge secret he had kept in for who knows how long…Before their Dad passed away, he recorded himself with an extremely special video of him congratulating Cris and Teresa. He told them how much he loved them both! NO one knew this was even recorded beforehand…

THE ENTIRE ROOM was filled with tears…even Will and I
Father/Daughter dance
Son and Mother dance
Bride and Groom first dance……
AND BAM! ANOTHER SURPRISE! They both busted out in a killer choreographed dance! It was insane..
Cris on his head

Then, a bunch of dancers came out and did another awesome choreographed dance!! Cris’s Grandmother…probably my most favorite person in the whole world. I want her in my pocket. After the reception..I just sat and talked with her for an hour. I love her!
Yeah, we like to have fun at weddings too! Not sure who had the camera, as Will is right behind me lol
They had one of Chicago’s elite bands playing….OH THEY WERE GOOD
Look at Teresa go!! Get it girl!

MOST FUN TIMES EVER! Thank you so much to Everyone who was a part of this wedding…Thank you for including Will and I during your big day…we’ll never forget it
<3 <3 <3

  • Judy - I am writing this with tears in my eyes. This is a MASTERPIECE!! If it could be bottled up and used as a drug, it would make the makers rich!!

    The gamut of emotions captured with this family runs over the top! I want to meet them all TOO!! PLEASE!!

    Beautiful, beautiful women and men abound.
    The bride and groom are simply BREATHTAKING with their love. It is a physical thing you can feel, even across the internet.

    God Bless This Family.ReplyCancel

  • Fazan - Jeff! We couldn’t have done it wihoutt you and Tracy! Seriously the pics are beautiful. I have been watching the blog and was going to drop you an e-mail to say you survived but no pics? Great job it was truly a pleasure working with you! Look forward to the rest!ReplyCancel

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