Having fun DIY’ing – Vintage Kitchen Ware

So if you were to enter my garage, you would no doubt think I am a hoarder! But it is all starting to come together now that I’ve been bitten by the flea bug again! I’ve always loved to go antiquing or looking for older, sad looking pieces that needed some love to renovate. I think if I honestly had all the money in the world, I’d still scour the flea markets for scores. Even when I was a kid, I’d go to St. Vinney’s (there weren’t Goodwill’s back then..just to good ol’ local St. Vincent DePaul store) or Ben Franklin’s and craft up a storm on a Saturday night while listening to Super Gold with Mike Harvey 🙂 I think I was the only 10 year old watching HGTV at the time. Now doing this is super cool, because of pinterest! Pinterest has some freaking AMAZING project ideas..I can’t even handle it!

Once I started having kids, 6 years ago..I lost touch with this passion of mine. Now that I’ve almost kicked cancer’s ass completely, it’s came back in full style, baby! And I feel like I’ve been bitten, hence the name. I’d love to one day open my own store with my repurposed finds. Let me show you what I’ve been working on~

 It all started with this little gem at Lowes. We had to run in for something and Valspar put up this incredible vignette of paint color samples!!! I’ve always lurrrved all shades of teal, aqua, seafoam green…and this color called “Tranquility”.  The sample was only $2.98 and they had SO many colors to choose from.
 Well, the only freaking paint brush I could find in the garage (besides my little acrylic brushes) was this big 4″ mama. So I cut it to fit into the little sample container..Boom. Problem solved.

Actually, that paint color is out of order… Let’s take a step back- I found this frame at my favorite Antique Mall. It had glass and backing all intact..but I had other ideas for it. I grabbed my gallon jug of off white paint and began to start my first project.There were so many of these vintage kitchen utensils at the antique store. I picked out three I liked the best and decided I wanted to repaint the green with my new paint sample in that seafoam green color and put them in that frame I just found. I wasn’t sure how I would get them in the frame yet.Once I got home, I went into my project center (the garage) and began to look on the shelves for something I could use to put into my frame for this project. CORK!! It was right there. I bought these in perfect 12″ squares that came in a bundle of 4 about three years ago. I used two up on the wall in my house and didn’t need these other two, so I put them back into the project center incase I would need it for something else later…see, not a hoarder or a penny pincher..SMART. It freaking so happened that they fit PERFECTLY into the back of the frame!! BUT, the frame wasn’t a square, so I had to cut the other one 4 inches to fill the gap. I used some paint tape and scored the cork and boom. I took the same off white paint I used on the frame and painted three coats onto the front and sides of the cork. Once it was dry, I fit them into the frame and nail bent them in to stay put. Problem. There was a big obvious line where the two pieces of cork met together. Hmm…RIBBON! I grabbed some ribbon and modge podged it on.

By this time, I have already painted the handles of the vintage green kitchen ware. I then lined up on my board where I wanted the pieces to go. I grabbed some thin jewelry wire and a small nail. I pushed the small nail in two places on either side of each utensil for the wire to go through and secure each piece by wrapping it behind the board. Voila. This hangs in my kitchen now. What do you think?
 Onto my next project. I recently purchased three potted flowers from Lowes. I had an idea for these with another set of flowerettes I had at home…but realized these new three were much bigger than what I was looking for. So, I went back into my project center to look for something. Oooh! My blue aluminum tub I bought at target 3 years ago!! I’ve used this for everything from holding ice and drinks, to putting a baby in it to take photos, holding garden supplies, collecting garbage from the car in…and now it just sat collecting spiders in the garage…I mean Project Center. This was the perfect size for my new sets of flowers. I’ve loved this color..but it was just too bold for my dainty flowers. This is where I cut down my paint brush and started using my new paint sample on. I slapped on two coats of paint and fell head over heels for how this turned out!!
I found this beauty at the antique store too! $10 and I love everything about her. My old plastic one broke somehow in the winter
I need to repaint, distress and seal that bad boy and chairs this summer. This fall/winter wreaked havoc on her
Oh it felt SO nice to get out and make some ART! I missed taking photos. I just haven’t had the urge to since cancer stole my thunder…but I’m back!

  • CYNTHIA - Beautiful pictures! Beautiful Ideas! I love your spirit! My Mom also had an agressive type of breast cancer – the 3 receptor one. She has now been cancer free for 2.5 yrs! Only 2.5 yrs of meds to go.. So glad to hear you are beating it! You kids r beautiful! I cant have any due to a spinal injury and now cobalt poisoning from my spinal implant.. I like you have been very very ill.. As I lay in warm tub for my third hour trying to distract myself from the pain…. your pictures make me smile! I especially enjoyed the ones of the little blonde girl.. so precious! You captured her spirit, her light ☺ Good luck to you! Keep on doing what you love! That is real life! ~Cynthia from Las Vegas, NVReplyCancel

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