Some Pre-Summer Kid Fun

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my kids just sitting on the patio and watching them. My camera has been laid up for quite some time for personal play, but I’m happy to say that my love for photography has come back full swing now! Going through Breast Cancer since I was diagnosed last November, has taken the biggest toll on myself and my family. After the double mastectomy and all of my lymph nodes removed, I had to start chemo. Yesterday I finished up my 5th treatment out of 6 and I can honestly FEEL a complete difference in myself. My creativity is able to shine through now since my body isn’t working quadruple overtime trying to kill this disease on its own.

After the kiddos got home from school yesterday, it was a blazing 90˚ out and they wanted to play in some water so I hooked the sprinkler up. I scored this play set on craigslist for an unbelievable deal!!

Willow loves to play outside!


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