Installing a light fixture to my vanity | Extreme DIY

Hey! I would like to begin with a warning. Please do not take my advice on how to install a light fixture. You probably should not attempt anything like I did…at all. It is a very big fire hazard, and you should have a professional electrician install your light fixture.  With that said…have a looksy at what I did!

We start here, where I have this lovely counter top, drawers and cabinets adjacent to our bathroom. It is lovely, no? BUT THERE IS NO MIRROR. So, I bought a 48″ x 35″ mirror from Home Depot for around $20. I had it leaning up against the wall for two months trying to figure out how I would make this work.  After over 9 weeks of doing my makeup here with horrid dim lighting (crazy shadows under my eyes made it impossible to really cover my real dark circles!), I decided to get started. I went back to the home improvement store to check out sconces and fixtures. Since there was no previous fixture here, I knew I was in for some super DIY “fun”.  I chose this fixture since it was in my budget (got it on sale for ($49.98) and I could pick out my own light covers.

I mounted the mirror to the wall with mirror mounts and opened up my fixture to see what was in store.

I measured, leveled and marked on the wall where everything needed to go.Then I went downstairs and youtubed me some instructions. Well..turns out I have some studs in my way. My entire goal was to piggyback onto the existing outlet to the left side of the mirror. I don’t know how to drill a hole through a stud to run wire down behind the drywall. This is something that has to be done before drywall is set up.  So I did some thinking with my husband. What about cut two holes in the wall and just thread the wires to an extension cord, hide it behind the trim I plan to put over the mirror and just plug it into the receptacle?! BAM. Let’s go!So. You really need to have a junction box to conceal your wires in for fire protection..but I am a very “do it now or never” type of person, so I chose the former and cut some holes in the drywall. I had some random rope nearby so I taped it to my wire and threaded it through.

After screwing some screws into anchors…BOOM! Time to put in the glass light covers!!And it works! I decided to tape the cord to the wall..I had a plug lying around the room that has a switch on it. This will work just perfectly here!!Now, time to cut my trim. I have an exquisite workbench and work areaHere is my trim scored with my handy triangle ready to be freaking mitered by a JIGSAW..Damnit. Mamma needs a real miter saw. I ask anyone to freehand miter with a jigsaw and prove me worse >:(It’s amazing how I have yet to contract tetanus by now.

I am ALWAYS barefoot. Even outside picking up pointy, sappy brush, branches and limbs from the stormbam! Yeah, it’s not perfect..But, it’s MINE! I’m so proudTime to add all of my morning needs and decor!I love to wear long necklaces, but haven’t been able to keep them anywhere. My jewelry holder isn’t tall enough. I have wanted to make some neat way to hang them with chicken wire, but I haven’t purchased any yet. I do however, have this random towel bar that isn’t in use. I also had some shower curtain hooks I wasn’t using either. I think this will work out just great!!! Until the cats find it..Here is a vintage high roller glass and shot glass I’m using to hold my long earrings. I have the rest of the set in the basement 🙂I bought that Archipelago candle in 2004 and have only lit it a few times. It is one of the best scents I have came across and somehow can scent up the room without lighting!

I love my mason jars. Just something about the clean glass I admire. I hold all of my makeup brushes in themI’ve had that perfume since I was in college. I don’t wear perfume often, well as you can see….but this is some of the best smells ever as well!


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