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Thanks for taking the time to read a little about us. I promise I will try to keep it interesting. As it turns out writing about yourself takes a little time, so I will probably be adding and editing this section of the blog as things pop into my fantastical mind. We’ll take this story from front to back starting with the dawn of Veritas Photography!

I thought it would be funny to include the first two pictures Alyssa and I ever took with our (then) brand new DSLR.

We both had had experience with cameras, but this was the first time either one of us had owned a “good” camera. To the left you see the first photo and to the right you see the second. Yes folks thats how VP started, with these two hagared images. I still think I look like a deviant.

Luckily we didn’t let these two less then steller photos get us down and began pounding the pavement looking for things to take pictures of. We must have photographed everything we came across, from our kids to the slugs that were living under the porch in our old house.

Our backgrounds in art really helped us when we started. You look at the world a little differently when you see it through an artistic eye… and I just realized  how arrogant that sounds, but it is true.

Eventually we cobbled together a style that we were a little proud of and figured we should come up with a name for ourselves. This idea led to a fight almost instantaneously.

If you didn’t know, Veritas is a latin word meaning “truth”, but that’s not the reason I was drawn to the name. I am a huge fan of the cinematic adventure titled “The Boondock Saints” and the word Veritas is a prominent theme throughout the film. However, Veritas Photography was not the first idea for a name that we tossed around, we must have played around with a dozen and finally agreed upon Veritas Photography. Will+Alyssa Photography was up there too, but I just didn’t like the ring. As it turns out though, there is already a Veritas Photography in the US, but I don’t think that they are in business anymore.

So anyway, we worked hard and I registered for anything related to digital photography and graphic design that my university offered. And after a while we received our first paid gig… My sisters wedding.

Louisville wedding photographerIt totally counts!

We learned a lot from that first wedding, but most importantly we finally found our calling. There was something about wedding photography that just made us happy. We figure we love being around happy people and you will always find happy people at weddings, so it just makes sense for us. Don’t get me wrong, we love shooting other thing as well, but weddings are deffinitly our favorite.

Following our first wedding we booked a couple more and also decided to take photography positions at a local portrait studio, perhaps you have heard of them, Click Portrait Studio. Our time with CPS really taught us about patience with clients and how to deal with stressful photography work loads. During the Christmas season we would deal with about 12 sessions a shift and most were impatient families extremely annoyed with the wait times.

Eventually our time with CPS had come to an end and Alyssa and I found ourselves living on the income created by our little photo hobby  turned business. It’s really exciting ( and a little scary) to be our own bosses like this. We are always shocked when we look back and see how far we have come.

Louisville Wedding Photographer

Thats all I have for now on our small company, but I will probably add more as things float into mind.