About Alyssa

My name is Alyssa.  I was born in Ashland, Wisconsin and grew up in the fine town of Hurley, Wisconsin. I´ve always been very much into sports. It´s a toss up between Softball and Tennis being myfavorites to play, and football being my favorite to watch! I was lucky enough to play Softball in Australia for two weeks during my High School year. If it weren´t a 14-hour flight from LA, I would move there in a heartbeat!

I have a pretty large family starting with my younger brother, two sisters and two stepbrothers. Plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles and my sweet ol Grandpa! I love family so much. Oh, I also forgot about my 4 other brother´s from another mother- John, Paul, George and Ringo. If you´re just starting to get to know me, I have a lifelong case of Beatlemania…they may as well be brothers to me. You may see at the end of every blog post I do, I try to end it in a Beatles lyric. I grew up listening to them and now so are my children. They’re like home to me.


I have always loved to create anything I could. Drawing, painting, beading, hot glue, pottery you name it-I loved it. I could never pin point which field of art I wanted to do in my life and never thought I could branch into anything that could make a living. With sports, band, choir and art ruling my high school years, I went on to get my degree in Massage Therapy at Lake Superior College-Duluth, MN. It made sense to me at the time, but the art drive was still there. I have lived back and forth from Superior, WI and Southern Indiana since 2003 & am currently living near Louisville, KY. I´m not sure where the road will lead us in our future, but sometimes I feel as if my roots are living in a fishbowl. I plant them where needed, but I´ll never forget where home is.

Will and I met playing softball (shocker!).  I was playing on a Jack&Jill team during a Father´s Day tournament with my Dad and my life hasn´t been the same since! With that strong of an arm he had when he threw it from far out in left field to home plate, who knew it was love at first sight. Will has taught me the unconditional love a man should give.  Being able to work with my homeboy every day always, may seem like a drag to some people, but I wouldn´t wish it any other way! He´s my bff!



Once we had kids, the artistic side starting pouring out even more. I´ve always had an immensely difficult time dealing with time passing, that I had to do something. Photography. Since I can remember, Heidi (my sista) was always documenting our family´s life. Gorgeous beautiful work she would create. Photography had always boggled my mind and seemed too difficult for me to understand how the process worked so I stayed away from it.  I know for a fact I wouldn´t be this far if it weren´t for the new digital world. As horrible as this sounds, I have never taken a photography class before and know nothing about film. It´s quite embarrassing to admit. Will on the other hand has taken those classes and after we bough our first digital camera together, it was ON! I started off working in Photoshop at Heidi´s house. She would teach me knew things every time I got on. It still seemed SO difficult. After about 3 years of books and online tutorials (and with Will taking more classes in College) I was finally grasping Photoshop and Photography. After I learned how to capture my eye with a camera and put my spin of art into it…nothing could hold us back! I guess the rest is history and I´m starting to babble!

If you would like to learn a little more about me, you can click here for my past birthday blog as I describe nearly every year of my life with pictures and captions.