Hello all. Veritas Photography will be heading to the Northland soon!!

June 9th-12th is our planned visit, but we’ve been known to extend our visit if we’re having a great time.

We will be scheduling sessions during this time and look forward to working with some great clients both new and old.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Veritas Photography during this visit, contact us for pricing and availability.

Space is limited and we usually book pretty fast, so don’t wait.

Hope to hear from you all!!!

We will also be hosting an exclusive workshop during our visit!!!

This workshop will be limited to 10 photogs and promises to be awesome!!

We will be updating everyone on the details very soon so check back.

If you’re interested in being one of the lucky 10, contact Veritas Photography and we will fill you in on the exciting details.

  • Judy Levra - YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Pamela Morello - I would LOVE to do a workshop and see you guys in person (finally)!! Please let me know how to sign up-Thanks!!ReplyCancel

    • Veritas Photography - As soon as we have the details set in stone, we will let you know!! We are still locking in a venue for the workshop.ReplyCancel

With all the storms and rain we’ve had the kids were feeling a little cooped up. So they put on their “farm boots” (that’s what they call em), we bagged our camera, and went out in the rain for some fun.


And yes, they have Cheetos all over their faces ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • Judy Levra - Thank-you!! I’ve been waiting for these!
    Such pure joy. I am smiling from ear to ear.
    Can’t get much better than rain puddles and cheetos!!ReplyCancel

  • emily - love. love. love.

    band aids and all. pure fun memories!


  • Michelle Nantel - I am so happy to see these as I have waited and waited to see them after I saw your husband taking them, they are precious beyond words and such happy sweet thoughts and feelings over come you when you see these types of photos, I love the end one with your son with his little tongue out kicking in the puddle. ty for sharing your little ones with all of us..ReplyCancel

  • Veritas Photography - Thanks everyone. We had a blast… a wet one, but a blast none the less!!ReplyCancel

On the Eve before the incredible storm, including two tornadoes nearby..we decided to go play outside since the weather was so warm. 82 degrees and Ava was in her bathing suit all day! Hope you enjoy this little glimpse of our kiddos being themselves.

She was upset her “shoe” wouldn’t stay on
Oh MAN! <3
She goes everywhere in these shoes

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  • Judy Levra - Baby, you absolutely ARE a rich man!!

    These are so rich, it boggles the mind. I am so glad you are parents that let your kids be kids! The colors, the scrapes, the nearly destroyed band-aids…. all of it, is more precious than I can convey.
    And Ava has some hella thigh muscles going on!!!ReplyCancel

We are proud to announce that we have just partnered with the amazing organization http://www.heartsapart.org/. Through the efforts of HeartsApart.org and Veritas Photography, we will provide our soon to be deployed servicemen and women with pictures of their family and loved ones. We are so excited to be helping out our country in this small way.


The Hearts Apart program speaks to me (Will) personally. As a former military brat, my father served his country in the Marine Corps and was deployed on several occasions-once to the Middle East to fight during first Persian Gulf war. I remember during those times (before email and digital cameras) that the only things I had to remember my father by while he was deployed, were a couple of photos.

A simple photo of a loved one can be a powerful connection even across vast distances.

We had a fun time with Jason and Rebecca. They didn’t even mind when we drove to a random field to get some fun shots.

Thank you Jason and Godspeed, you are in our prayers.

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