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Louisville wedding photographers, Alyssa and Will Paro are Veritas Photography a husband & wife photography team who are lucky enough to work & play together on every session they shoot, and of course- the Louisville & Indiana area’s premier wedding & senior photographers.

We specialize in chic, modern wedding photography and are recognized for our clean and fresh style. We showcase each wedding’s unique charm and approach them with exceptional attention to detail, thoroughly documenting the whole day. Our clients pride themselves on having one of a kind wedding portraits and we achieve this with a simplistic beauty.

About Us

About Alyssa

My name is Alyssa.  I was born in Ashland, Wisconsin and grew up in the fine town of Hurley, Wisconsin. I´ve alwaysView full post »

About Will

Will 31 years ago I was born during a solar eclipse ( hey, it’s my story, so there will be a solar eclipse in it)View full post »

About VP

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about us. I promise I will try to keep it interesting. As it turns outView full post »

Our Life

Over the years we have taken a lot of photos of our family. That tends to happen when you live with a camera in your hand. Below are many of the posts that we use to archive our lives together as working parents.

Some Pre-Summer Kid Fun

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my kids just sitting on the patio and watching them. My camera hasView full post »

Newborn baby Logan | Louisville Newborn Photographer

Today my sister in-law, Will’s sister Cortney had her first baby! Cortney came into the hospital at 7:00am andView full post »

Fun with the Kiddos

I completely forgot we had all of these wonder images of the kids and have yet to put them up on the blog. Enjoy! ViewView full post »

Alyssa likes to draw | George

Well, here’s something you may not know about me…I love to draw! Tonight I started getting excited aboutView full post »

Happy Halloween!

This year we took the kids trick-or-treating in downtown Jeffersonville on Spring Street. Treat Street was so much funView full post »

Miss Ava Jane | Birthday Part 2

Here is the second part to our daughter Ava’s birthday party. Here you can see her free spirit as she plays inView full post »

Miss Ava Jane | Birthday Part I

We’re nearly settled in our new house and what way to kick it off with a birthday party! Our daughter, Ava,View full post »

Louisville Wedding Photographer | Daily Life : 7

With all the storms and rain we’ve had the kids were feeling a little cooped up. So they put on their “farmView full post »

Daily Life : 6 | Louisville Wedding Photographer

On the Eve before the incredible storm, including two tornadoes nearby..we decided to go play outside since theView full post »

Louisville Wedding Photographer – Daily Life : 5

Liam has officially started participating in the great American past time. He had his first day of Tee Ball practiceView full post »

Louisville Wedding Photographer – Daily Life : 4

Without the kids this week we have been spending a lot of time with our lovable pup Willow. We took her out for someView full post »

Louisville Wedding Photographer – Behind the scenes

Took a few photos of Alyssa taking photos on our recent engagement session. Thought I’d share withView full post »

Louisville Wedding Photographer – Daily Life : 3

Yesterday was our oldests 4th birthday. We took a couple of shots of him in the morning He has been talking about hisView full post »

Louisville Wedding Photographer – Daily Life: 2

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is ready for the weekend. We decided to play Dr. Seuss Memory with the kids lastView full post »

Louisville Wedding Photographer – Daily life : 1

Just a few pics from our daily life in the Paro household. Liam and Ava looking for squirrels. I caught them jumpingView full post »

They say it’s you’re Birthday…Well it’s my Birthday too, yeah!

They say it’s your birthday We’re gonna have a good time! I’m glad it’s your birthday HappyView full post »

Louisville Wedding Butterfly

While I was cleaning out our archives, I came across this image I took this year while photographing a wedding inView full post »

Christmas Morning!!!

Good morning and a Happy Christmas to all. After a late night (3am) and a pretty early morning (7am) we are a littleView full post »

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today, Dec 24th,  Alyssa and I celebrate our 4 year anniversary, so I saw it fitting to create a little something toView full post »

Happy birthday to me!

So tomorrow is my birthday and I decided to do my first ever birthday blog. I think 28 is the Blog about yourself yearView full post »