About Will


31 years ago I was born during a solar eclipse ( hey, it’s my story, so there will be a solar eclipse in it) to Bill and Julie Paro. They were stationed in Honolulu Hawaii at the time, so I guess I’m technically Hawaiian, probably explains my amazing year round tan. Judging by the photos (and the stories my parents love to tell at the worst times) I was a bit of a handful. Just take a look at the upper corner image to the right, it screams “so, can we take this baby back now, I kept the receipt”.  My father was a photographer for the Marine Corps, so I guess that’s where I get it from.

We lived in Hawaii for a time and then moved back to the lower 48 where my parents had my sister, Cortney. We get along great, in fact, I was the photographer at her wedding,  which just happened to be my very first wedding shoot. My younger brother came many years later and I distinctly remember being very upset that my parents were ruining the fabulous four. In hindsight that was pretty selfish as Joseph is a pretty stand up fellow.


Fast forward a decade and I meet Alyssa Margaret Mazurek. We met playing softball at a fathers day tournament. We literally ran into each other while running towards a fly ball in the outfield. We collided and she fell, but no worries I caught the ball ( and I think threw it in for a double play). Funny thing is, I, in all seriousness, thought she was her dad’s girlfriend. I know it sounds weird, but in his defense the man ages really well. Anyway, long story short we started seeing each other long distance and now we are married with two amazing children. Our anniversary is on Christmas Eve and it will be 7 years this year. I am still very much in love with her now as I was when I knocked her down on the field.

So that is a very abridged version of my life.

Thanks for reading!